Direct x error

Just downloaded the COD WarZone update. I also updated my nvidia driver and MSOS. When i load the application it crashes given me a DirectX error. I have confirmed I have the DirectX 12 version. I have reinstalled the GPU driver and application several times with no resolution. Help would be appreciated. 


  • TS_BryantA
    @Chad40 Good morning and thank you for your post. To better assist do you have what Error Code this lists? Also if you've reinstalled both the GPU drivers and reinstalled the game, have you also tried scan and repair in the game launcher under the blizzard launch application and options under that game? Know doing this you may lose some saved game data.
  • Chad40
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    edited December 2020
    i found a video and tried some of their suggestions. I ran the scan and repair tool. I did lose some of the saved data so it required me to start from the beginning when the app opened. I added the -D3D11 command. I am really at a loss. The error code 6068.

  • TSKyleH
    Hello @Chad40, I understand you already tried reinstalling the graphics cards and running the launch commands. When you determined the DirectX information, did you use the dxdiag command? Can you also share if this happens with other games, or if its only warzone?
  • Chad40
    I found the fix and it was only on COD. I had to turn off Nvidia Geforce Experience, MSI Afterburner overclock and close riva turner. However I use to play COD with GPU overclock on until the new version came out. This is the youtube link in case someone else has the same issue.
  • TSTDavey
    @Chad40 Glad you were able to find a solution. Thanks for posting the video for others in the Microcenter Community.
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