Wifi 6 and WDS a thing?

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Looking to grab a 2nd wifi 6 router (preferably under $100 if possible) to get close to gigabit wired speeds on a media center pc and a few other devices. Far as I can tell there are mesh wifi options but that's a much more expensive rabbit hole than I can get into at this time without my fiance stabbing me (lol?) I've seen some 802.11ac routers that do WDS but the throughput is lower than 802.11x and I'm mostly concerned with steam in home streaming. As of right now a wireless ac dongle Works but occasionally cuts out or the stream gets intolerabley blocky

Any recommendations?


  • mrosebro
    i think i found the solution to my own question... i will leave the topic up for anyone who may stumble across it on google

  • TSTDavey
    Hello @mrosebro thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Sorry for the late response. If you are getting gigabytes (1gps) speeds from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the extender won't get you the full 1gps speeds, even with it being wired (Ethernet). It may get you 600-700mps or less. The extender has to go off your routers wireless signal then turn that into an internet source that the extender can use. The wireless signal to the extender will have a lesser internet speed connection than if you would direct connect a device directly to your router. What is your current router? If you have a gigabyte router with long range capability, with your ISP's gigabyte internet speeds; you could have multiple devices (less than 15 to equal out bandwidth to each device) connect to a single router at 5ghz (device within 30 feet of router) to get close to 1gps internet speeds (ex., 700-850mps).
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