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Trying to place online reservation for in store pickup.
Mobile phone number required. Why? You have my email to send pickup ready notice.


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @N_L

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community!  

    We require the phone number as a form of verification as we are requiring credit card usage for the reservation.  It also allows us a second form of contact in the case we need to reach out regarding your reservation.  If you are worried about privacy, you can view our Privacy Policy.  Lastly, you can also ask for all the information to be removed when you are picking up the item.  

    I apologize for any inconveniences this has caused and I do hope this was helpful.  
  • micht222

    I am pretty upset that I must provide a cellphone number in order to place an online pickup order from the store. I never heard of such a stupid requirement. Don't tell me this is for security. What stupid nonsense that is. Not all customers have a cellphone. You refuse to accept a landline number. ARE YOU PEOPLE NORMAL? WHAT A STUPID COMPANY YOU HAVE BECOME. Just one more reason for customers to order off Amazon. I tried complaining about this on your Facebook profile and got a lame excuse why I can't place a pickup order from the store. No other company requires this stupid nonsense. Sincerely, Michael

  • Klark

    Google "Your cell phone number: To give or not to give"

    Per an FTC analyst " is illegal for businesses to require customers to furnish a cellphone number to complete an order".

    Anyone can report bad business practices via the Report Fraud link on the FTC's website.

  • Husoski

    For my money, requiring a mobile phone number is customer abuse. I have no interest in spending an hour or so parsing your "privacy policy" to see what loophole you leave for selling off my phone number if provided. The order I attempted to place was for 18-minute pickup. where there's no issue with identification. Those actual purchases are made in-store, so identification is not a real issue there. I do not give out my mobile number for ID purposes. Period.

    For many years, I've shopped at Micro Center in preference to strictly-online merchants, primarily because they have a brick-and-mortar presence not too far away. The 18-minute pickup option simplified this. I'm less likely to make the 60-to-90 minute round trip to the store to see if what's in stock matches what the website thinks is in stock. I'm 100% certain NOT to be shopping online at MC so long as you require the mobile number.

  • TimH

    I do not like providing my "Real" cell phone number for any reason. I only use my Google Voice number, which is forwarded to my phone. This allows me to control and block the spam that is constantly being sent. Unfortunately you do not allow me to use my preferred phone number. This is a poor policy.

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