Graphic Cards Compatibility With PowerSpec G228

I tried to use pc builder to look at possibly upgrading my graphic card and processor in my Powerspec G228 but I'm not to sure because not all the parts in the G288 I was able to selected so any help on what i need to know or a list of possible parts that would be compatible is welcome. for reference. 


  • TS_EmileC
    @DamienXV You can upgrade the processor and the graphics card to just about anything really. Are you going to be using it strictly for gaming? Also, I wasn't following after you stated that not all parts in the G228 were to able to be selected. Can you speak on that in more detail?
  • DamienXV
    If I try to use pc builder to replicate the current specs for the G228, some of the components used arent listed as an option. Example is the memory card, the ones used is Goldkey but its not listed,  And yes strictly gaming. So you are saying I dont have to worry about the getting a super or TI verison or a specific manufacturer graphic card brand? 
  • TS_EmileC
    I see. The PC builder on our website is updated with the on-hand inventory in store. If an item is not listed at this time, it's just not in stock. You can use pcpartpicker as a replicator to compare the builds spec by spec. As for the graphics card, the brand is purely a preference aside from the core clock speed of each card. Some manufacturers have overclocked some models slightly making the prices differ. Overall, upgrading from a 1600 series to a 2000 or better would improve your performance significantly. I would pair it with a 2070 super and i7-10700k if I were you. 
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