Two 8 pin connectors on 3060ti for power

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So first build with a graphics card with 2 power plugs (msi 3060ti ventus 2fans). I bought a corsair 750watt from micro center (you can check there website for what plugs and connections it has). It only had one gpu cable that was daisy chained, so I used it to plug in  both 8 pin connectors of the graphics card. It just doesn't seem right to use only one cable for 2 spots. Someone told me it will be fine but im wondering if I should return the psu for another one that has 2 gpu cables that come with it. The only issue im having with it is when running the "userbenchmark" test, once it gets to the sphere part of graphics card test, it stops the test and says gpu failed. Other benchmark tests and games are working fine. Anyone have any ideas 


  • TS_JosephF
    Hello @ibanez79!
    It will be completely fine to daisy-chain the one PCIe cable from your PSU. It is pretty common for PSUs to have two 6+2 pin connectors coming from one cable. I would be concerned that it failed the 'userbenchmark' test but if it is working fine with other benchmarks and games then you should be fine. You can monitor the usage and temps to make sure the fans are kicking on when the GPU is under a load. Other than that you do not have to be concerned with the way you have connected the power cables to the GPU.
  • ibanez79
    The power supply i have did end up having two gpu plugs that came with it and a spot to plug it into. I plugged both in hoping it might fix the benchmark, but unfortunately, it still fails at the sphere part of the test. I read online some people have had issues with realtech audio causing it to fail (which makes zero sense something with the audio drivers could cause this). I have a rog strix 550-f board. So i guess ill look more into that. Temps and fans seem to be working like they should on the gpu. Thanks for the feedback.
  • TSTDavey
    Hello @ibanez79 just chiming in, so the GPU is still failing your benchmark test. You are using the UserBenchMark test is that correct? Is it failing any other gpu benchmark programs? If its failing within UserBenchMark it could be isolated to just UserBenchMark and how that program operates when testing GPU's. Because it fails at the Sphere Graphic Test doesn't necessarily mean there is an issue with the card. Could be an issue with the benchmark software. Try another gpu benchmark software and also test it with launching a game (ex., fortnite, COD, etc.) and see how the card operates. 
  • ibanez79
    I used a couple different benchmark tests and they responded and tested good. Games like Doom and Call Of Duty worked and responded great also. The only issue I was having was the "userbenchmark" benchmark test would fail at the sphere part of the gpu test and not test any farther, it was driving me nuts. Made sure all drivers were up to date and tried multiple things I read online. Great news is I finally got it to work correctly! It turned out to be "Nahimic" its an audio enhancer or something to that effect. Which I still need someone to explain how something associated with audio can cause the gpu to be restricted. I disabled it and test worked fine, enabled it and test fails at the sphere test( tried a couple times with same results). Here are my specs for the pc that gave me the problems.  It was a brand new build.
    ryzen 5800x
    asus rog strix B550-F wifi
    corsair 32gig 3200mhz
    msi 3060ti ventus 2x
    samsung evo 970 m.2
    750 watt psu

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