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Will Lian Li Galahad AIOs be restocked?

Just wondering. I've been keeping my eye on local stock (Columbus OH Store), through the website, and the Galahad AIOs have been out of stock for quite some time. The listing hasn't disappeared from the site like some other discontinued products so I'm wondering if they will ever be restocked. 


  • Greetings. It does appear it is an item that we do carry, but stock of products like this comes in sporadically. We expect a shipment very soon but are not sure on an exact stock time.
    To check our latest stock/availability, please visit www.microcenter.com, select your local Micro Center at the top of the page and you can view their stock . Store stock is updated regularly during business hours online.   
  • AMSman91AMSman91
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    Good Afternoon! I too am looking for this cooler at the Brentwood MO location, and was wondering if you knew of any stock shipments for the 360 white/silver variety! Thanks!

    I live 2 hours away, hence my curiosity on any known shipments. Thanks!
  • Hello @AMSman91 sorry we don't have an exact time when the delivery truck comes nor do we have information if the 360 will be on the truck. Deliveries come randomly during multiple days during the week. If want to get the 360 specifically from us, we recommend to keep monitoring the website for when stock is updated. If we are not able to provide you the 360, newegg or amazon should have it.
  • Sounds great, thanks Davey!
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