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Hi! I'm hoping to put together a new rig sometime next year and since I've never built before, I'd rather leave it up to folks that have experience doing it. How does the extended warranty work when having MC build it? I plan to purchase probably every component short of the GPU from MC (if I get the GPU from the manufacturer I can opt in for a longer warranty than what MC can offer, which I want to do as that's likely the most expensive component, but also prone to more stress due to lots of gaming). Does everything need to be purchased at MC for BYO and do I need to get an extended warranty on every component at purchase or will that general extended warranty when having it put together cover parts purchased directly at MC? Thank you.


  • TSTDavey
    Hello @teege thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Be aware if you purchase a GPU from us for example a 2060 super, it comes with the same 3 year warranty as if you purchased it directly from the manufacturer. Just wanted to share that. If you have us build your system its $149.99 and to get the BYO warranty for the build, the parts have to be purchased from MIcrocenter. Otherwise the parts will be under the manufacturers warranty if the parts are not from Microcenter. 
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