Install 3.5" hard drive on G164

Where is the 3.5" drive bay located in the PowerSpec G164 case? I took off both sides of the case the the small shroud that says "Lian Li" next to the power supply at the top but did not see where the hard drive would go. Otherwise I've been very pleased with this system, just want to add more storage space so I don't fill up the SSD needlessly.


  • TSTDavey
    Hello @kearls thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. I've attached a link below that should give a diagram of how to access the additional bay. You have to remove the Shroud panel to access it. Let us know if this helps or not.

  • kearls
    I believe this guide you referenced is for a different PowerSpec model that uses a Lian Li mATX 205 case (possibly a G163 or earlier), not a G164.  The power supply in the G164 is at the top of the case, not at the bottom as shown in this guide. Attached are pictures, some of which are of my computer with the both sides and the top cover/shroud that says "Lian Li" by the power supply removed, and other pictures are ones I've found in other MicroCenter support forum posts about the G164. It doesn't look like there is a place for the hard drive to mount at the bottom of the case below the GPU, or if there is I'm must be missing it. It also could possibly go in the area at the top of the case next to the power supply behind that shroud, but there is no place to attach the hard drive to the case there that I can see either. Those slotted holes that are on the top shroud don't line up to holes in the bottom of the hard drive for it to go inside of that area, nor does that seem like it would be a good place to put the hard drive in the case due to vibration, etc. I looked at Lian Li's website and did not see a case shown that looks like the G164 case on the inside.


  • TSTDavey
    @kearls my apologies for the confusion. The G164 is the next powerspec version up from the G163. The G164 has the Lian Li Micro Atx 170 chassis which does not an additional 3.5" drive bay. I was looking at the G163 Chassis when I replied to your post. The G163 has the Lian Li Micro ATX 205 chassis, which does have an additional 2.5" and 3.5" bays. Again I apologize for the mix up. You are correct the G164 does not have the additional bay.
  • kearls
    So how can I add an additional 3.5" hard drive to this case? 
  • JS_MC
    JS_MC admin
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    Apologies but the G164 does not support the addition of a 3.5" hard drive.
    Expansion Bays
    • Internal 2.5" Bays (Total) 1
    • Internal 2.5" Bays (Available) 1
    It's possible that you could modify the case to fit a new 3.5" drive, however, if you physically modify the case it may void the warranty.
    In the past, I've seen someone use a drive sled and some zip ties to hold a 3.5" drive in place.
    Hope this helps!
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