Dallas Store queue issues

I visited the MicroCenter store in Dallas today and left empty handed and extremely disappointed in my experience. After checking the online stock availability of the 3000 series GPUs and discovering over 11 models were in stock this morning I decided to make the trip to see if I could luck out and grab one for myself. I got to the store and was instructed by a store employee, who was blocking the door, that I needed to scan the QR code posted on a paper outside so that I could enter the queue to come in TL the store. I did so, followed all of the prompts on the screen, and received a green check mark on my phone letting me know that I had entered the queue and received an estimated wait time of 25-30 minutes.
After about 45 minutes of waiting and seeing people that arrived after me enter the store I decided to go up and ask the employees at the entrance if there was something that I was missing regarding the new process. It was at this time that I was informed by one of them (after giving them my name) that they could see I was on the list and the list was displaying an “error message” regarding sending my text notifications to me. However, at this time the item I wanted to purchase had already been sold to another customer. 

I cannot guarantee that had this issue not occurred that I would have still been able to purchase the graphics card I wanted. I understand the unprecedented demand for these items, and the limited stock availability. However I would be lying if I didn’t say I was angry and disappointed that this happened to me. Even though both employees managing the entrance could see there was an issue on MicroCenter’s end neither of them attempted to call out for me, or remedy the issue. Additionally the employee instructing people on the procedures for entering the store, and the printout with the QR code, did not give clear instructions. I was unaware that in addition to receiving the confirmation on the website, I should have additionally received a confirmation text message.
Moving forward I think this problem could have been avoided. Better training for the employees manning the entrance could have eliminated the issue completely. Had I know to expect a text initially I would have noticed an issue ahead of time and fixed it at that time. Additionally if an employee sees that an issue is displayed on their queue turning a blind eye to that should not be the way your business operates. 
I look forward to visiting MicroCenter again, and hope you take my suggestions in to consideration on improving how your stores operate.


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