Cooling in Powerspec g707

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I just got a powerspec G707 (that I  was, admittedly, not expecting) and ended up having a few questions about it that I can't find the answers to on the listing at Micro Center's site, or from Powerspec, either.

There are two sets of fans in this unit, one at the front, one at the top. Unfortunately for me, not knowing the dimensions of this computer before it was given to me, there's almost no room between the top of this computer and the bottom of my desk, and I'm worried about how this will affect the machine in terms of overheating.

Additionally, on the listing at micro center, someone asked about whether or not the cooling was closed loop. I wasn't aware this computer even had water based cooling, and I've never had a computer with liquid cooling in it. I've looked everywhere to confirm what cooling it has (because honestly I just can't tell solely from looking at it) and whether or not this is something I'll need to keep track of in this computer's upkeep, but I'm not finding answers anywhere, since this is a pretty new build from the company.

Haven't Even been able to boot the damn thing up because of these two problems in particular. Any help is appreciated.
(Pictured below is the inside and the ridiculous amount of space this case takes up)


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    Greetings. Yes, the PC has liquid cooling for the CPU. It has a Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L cooler. You shouldn't need to do any upkeep with the cooler. The case has enough cooling and fans for the positioning, the main issue I'd see with its current positioning is that it blocks off the power button, extra USB ports and audio jacks. 
  • Thank you, that's all I needed to know. Ended up taking the drawer out of my desk, which solved the spacing issue
  • Ian
    Thank you, that's all I needed to know. Ended up taking the drawer out of my desk, which solved the spacing issue
    You're welcome! Please let us know if you have any other questions. 
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