Stand up 32 inch assembly question

Hi.  I just picked up my cabinet yesterday in Tustin after driving down from Sacramento.   I just had a question with the assembly.  Has anyone run into issues with the 4 top and bottom joining brackets not lining up to the pre-drilled screw holes?   It seems that mine are off only two screws for each bracket line up the right way


  • Can you post a picture of the holes in question? I'm not sure which ones you're referring to.
  • SkinnyMD
    I had the same issue. I just aligned a top half hole and a bottom half hole and drilled new holes where the holes were missing. Also be careful with the screws they are very weak and can break
  • JS_MC
    @SkinnyMD Are you able to post images of the hole that was not aligned correctly for you?
  • I had exactly the same issue with the holes not aligning up with the bracket.  Though the holes were off center, I was able to still use them even though the screws were at an angle (so I didn't bother with drilling new holes).  And, as noted above, the screws are very weak and will break if you apply too much force when screwing them in (I broke one and tried to be very careful afterward).
    Afterward, the 2 parts of the side panels weren't perfectly flush and if you look hard enough at the sides you can see what looks like a slight wrinkle under the vinyl graphics.  Maybe if I had drilled the holes then it would've lined up perfectly.
    I do feel that the strength of the bracket connections is comprised a bit because of the hole misalignment.  I tried to take extra care when moving my side panels and got some help when moving them around.  At the end of the day, it held together well enough until the cabinet was fully assembled and the bracket strength was no longer a concern.  And, it looks good enough to me.
    I also had some issues with the provided monitor VESA screws not being long enough for the Westinghouse 32" TV that came with my kit.  They screws didn't even appear to be the correct diameter for VESA mounting based on this specific TV's user guide.  I made a trip to my local Lowe's hardware store and got four M6-1.00 x 30mm Pan Phillips Machine screws and some large washers.  Then I was back in business.
  • jeffjonez

    The bracket screw holes were crazy wrong, yes. I drilled new holes and the connection seems strong enough.... at least I hope!

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