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Compatibility Auto bed leveler

Bought an Ender-3 V2 also bought a auto bed leveling sensor for the 3D printer however when the gift was open it was noted that the auto bed sensor which is a (BLTouch) was labeled for a use with a Creality V1 mainboard and not for a V2 main board is this sensor compatible with my Ender3-V2 or do I need to return and get one marked for the [email protected] mainboard


  • It is compatible, but installation will be a little less straightforward.

    The V2 mainboard includes a 5 pin port specifically for the BL touch that is absent from the V1 mainboard. The BL Touch for the V2 Mainboard is comes with a cable to use this 5 pin port. This 5 pin connection is keyed and handles all the signals needed for the BL Touch, making installation very simple. The BL Touch for the V1 mainboard splits this 5 pin connector into a 2 pin and 3 pin connector. You'll need to connect the 2 pin header to the Z endstop port and the 3 pin connector to the appropriate pins on the 5 pin port. There's more information available here:
  • Thanks for the feed back I will install this weekend after reviewing the web site
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