New Internal Hard Drive Not Showing in B742

I just installed a 4TB Western Digital Hard Drive in my PowerSpec B742 desktop. When I started the desktop, the hard drive did not show up in Disk Management. Any thoughts on how to resolve?


  • JS_MC
    Hello, @bdub32 Have you checked to ensure that the drive is properly plugged in? Checking both power and data ports are connected securely. If so, when you power on your desktop, can you hear the drive make any wind-up noise? Normally, you'll be able to hear a slight clicking and wind-up noise as the drive powers on and the writing arms move around. If not, it's possible that your drive may be faulty. Please let me know if you are able to hear any noise or other responses from the drive and we can go from there!
    Thank you.
  • bdub32

    @LandShark Thanks for the feedback. I gave up for a bit as the upgrade wasn't urgent, but I got back on to it tonight.

    I did not have success when I was connecting the HDD into the SATA 3.5 port of the motherboard.

    However, I had success when I unplugged the DVD-RAM from the SATA 3.4 and plugged the HDD in the SATA 3.4 port. After this, the computer recognized the hard disk drive and I'm able to use the hard disk drive.

    Is it possible that the SATA 3.5 port is not enabled? How can this port be enabled?

  • TSPhillipT

    Hello @bdub32

    Taking a look at the specs of the B742, most of the builds came with an M.2 SSD. This will disable one of the SATA ports on the motherboard, which might be the port you were using when plugging in your HDD. It disables the port so that it can be used for the M.2 Drive.

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