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I saw there was a 5600X in store.  Go to store, no processor.  I see Limited Availability for a 3070.  I call into MicroCenter, said there were two Asus Tuf.  Guess what, no there isn't.  I drove an hour to the store to find ZERO video cards and no 5000 series Ryzen.  How hard is it to have real-time, or even semi real-time updates to stock and inventory?  That 5600X has bee up there 3 hours so far, and counting.  There were supposedly 2 last night.


  • JS_MC
    @Farmeunit Apologies for the confusion here. Typically our website is very accurate and updated in 10-minute intervals. However, since these new items are in such high demand, we are offering vouchers to customers who have waited in line to purchase them. While these customers have the vouchers and are shopping for any other items they may want. Think of the item as being in their cart or on a brief hold.
    Due to this procedure, we are listing these items as Limited Availability, because in most cases we have sold out of the item already.
    Hopefully, we'll start to see these stock levels normalize and we'll be able to allow reservations through our website, so you can be certain to have a new CPU or GPU waiting for you in the store when you arrive.
  • Farmeunit
    Why wasn't I offered a voucher for a 6800XT when I was there on AIB release date and there were zero cards?  Is this a store by store decision? 
  • JS_MC
    We are only able to give out vouchers for the items that we have in store, the vouchers typically last until 3 pm that same day, unless there are unknown circumstances such as an early store close for cleaning that may change this timeframe. I hope this better explains things. If you're looking to get a new CPU or GPU, your best chance is to arrive before the store opens and wait in line. However, we can't guarantee we'll have inventory. As I mentioned, hopefully, we'll start to see more supply from the manufacturers and well be able to get these available for reservation!
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