I live over an hour away and need help! Mayfield Heights OH store?

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So the site says that more popular items may not have proper numbers online and you need to go to the store to find out stock. When I live over an hour away it’s pretty frustrating to drive that far to possibly be disappointed. How can I actually talk to an employee at that store to know if they have a certain GPU?


  • TS_EmileC
    Hello @DustinS85. I understand your frustration with wanting to purchase these cards. With it being in such high demand and low supply, we can't take reservations yet. At this time, all calls that go to our store are redirected to our home office line. We do have this process because we are able to answer 95% of questions for our stores. We want our associates in store to assist customers in store. We are aware of the inconvenience this creates for customers at a distance. What I have seen some customers do is use reddit as a gauge for timing store inventory. Some customers have been nice enough to update the stock at their local store through sub-reddits. However, this is customers updating stock, not Micro Center. Although there's still a chance of being sold out, some have been lucky enough to get one using this procedure.
  • DustinS85
    I’m gonna wind up needing to buy from scalpers and that sucks.
  • AlexS
    Greetings @DustinS85 and welcome to Micro Center Community!  While I can understand that frustration, the supply currently isn't meeting the demand throughout the entire market, so it is indeed difficult to state whether or not we will still have that card in-stock by the time you'd arrive at the store.  

    Even if you saw the product state 1 in stock or 3 in stock or Limited Availability; if you live an hour away, the chances of said video card being sold by the time you arrived at the store are extremely high.  Especially since at this current time, we do not offer Reservations for these newly released video cards and processors. (It's the same for every new launch)  We're hopeful that once manufacturers are able to produce more cards and get them out to retailers such as ourselves, we can hopefully enable "Add to Cart" for reservations on video cards.  
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