No receipt emailed 12/11 for MSI 3080. Asked again 12/22, no COD/GeForce Now codes

I purchased an MSI Suprim X 3080 from St. David's, PA store on 12/11/2020 and was told my receipt with Call of Duty and GeForce Now codes would be emailed to me.  I did not get the receipt.  I returned on 12/22/2020 to purchase an AMD 5900x and some raspberry Pi stuff and again requested a receipt to be emailed to me for the prior purchase.  The sales person confirmed my email address was correct.  I did receive both receipts - the 12/22/2020 receipt with AMD CPU (along with Far Cry 6 game code) - and the 12/11/2020 receipt for the 3080, but the 3080 receipt did not have the game codes I was told I would get.  Please help!


  • JS_MC
    Hello @mdelafuente I've resent any game codes that are available. Unfortunately, it looks like the GeForce Now codes have run out at this time. It looks like the supply of codes for GeForce Now ran out some time ago.
    My apologies for this miscommunication.
    Please let me know if you have not received your other game codes.
  • Thanks for your help.  I just got the COD code.  Tis a shame about the GeForce Now code.  I wish I'd taken care of it sooner!  Thanks!
  • JS_MC
    I'm not 100% but I believe that we ran out of codes before you made your purchase. I'm not sure why they distributed a different amount of codes, and I could be incorrect, but if memory serves we ran out about a week before your purchase. 
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