Pixelated lines on apps and text. Tried everything, please help

edited June 2021 in Peripherals
Hi guys. I am not sure if I  should be asking here or in Win 10 section. I got myself Adaptive Sync AOC monitor and Gigabyte 3080 OC Eagle. I tried absolutely everything and no luck . I dont know if Windows blur correction setting makes it worse or better. Or no effect.

Strangely, the games are fine. I am playing Valhalla on 4k ultra and I am loving the image.

I have a pic depicting what my problem is. Here on the picture you can clearly see pixelated blue line in my fan curve. More strangely is that horizontal line is anti aliased by the vertical line is terrible.


  • Ian
    Greetings. I am sorry for the delay in response. 

    I am not really seeing an issue in your picture. Programs that adjust the fan curve / speeds typically look like this, see example I have here:

    If this is the only place you are seeing something like this, then I do not see any issue with what you are showing us. 
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