When will Micro Center have their own app?

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Love Micro Center. Wondering if an app is in the works?


  • Ian
    MarkTwain said:
    Love Micro Center. Wondering if an app is in the works?
    Greetings. At this time, we do not have any updates or information on app for Micro Center. Our website is available through any browser on your mobile device. 
  • MR_C

    It is very odd and strange that a computer store has no app! Anything that does NOT need an app has one, but not a computer store?

  • Scary_Guy
    Scary_Guy ✭✭✭
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    Lots of things have apps. To me it's just another thing on your device to better harvest your data. If they made an open source app though that would be cool I guess. Maybe something LInux compatible so it would work on Postmarket OS too. If the website does everything you need it to do though why would they even need one?

  • Hopefully Never, do you know how much overhead it costs to run an app for a company? That's not even on top of Apple and Google Play store taking a 30% transaction fee on any sales made through the APP using thier APP store payment system.

    It makes at this juncture and e-commerce eco system zero sense. 

    Google is probably the single most effective tool to search thier inventory for specific parts. The website may be wonky but it is effective and just how I like it.... Zero frills.

    If you ever wonder why a lot of retail utlets stay away from AAPS; its or this specific eason, the overhead they generate in cost Is extremely hard to sustain and manage.

    The website works well on desktop and mobile., hit the menu on your search tool, press open in browser, log in and off to the race's. I personally prefer desktop mode on my phone so I always enable that.

    Login, reserve, pay, and literally start driving to the store, order is ready. I walk to my favorite sales rwp pick an item up and get him to out a sticker on it. Then go home and play with it.
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