Registering a Dell ProSupport warranty purchased from MicroCenter

I recently purchased a Dell laptop from MicroCenter along with a 3-year ProSupport warranty. How do you register the extended service agreement? I know with Apple products this is done automatically, but in checking Dell's support site, it still shows the laptop as only having the base one-year coverage. Any advice is appreciated.


  • TS_JosephF
    Hello @saturnotaku
    What day did you purchase the Dell laptop? The ProSupport you purchase from us would register with Dell automatically, however, it can take a few days for this to be updated in their system. You can also verify the service tag on the laptop itself to make sure it matches the one on the receipt. 
    If it has already been a few days and it is still not showing the accurate warranty info, then go ahead and send me the reference number in a DM, I will be happy to help you.
  • Hi Joseph, I received an email from Dell confirming that the ProSupport coverage for the laptop has been activated. Like I said I'm used to Apple products where it shows on the receipt, and coverage activates immediately. Guess I needed to exercise a little more patience.  Appreciate the reply all the same.  :)
  • JS_MC
    Glad to hear that the warranty information was activated. Sometimes Dell does take a little time to process this coverage activation. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any other concerns or questions!
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