Former Employee issues

Im a former employee who is attempting to return a product, with the replacement plan on the item. I was first told by two managers "go back to my own store." in those exact words before explaining to them that i was a former employee who moved and no longer worked with them.
My concern is that i will never be able to return said product even though i gave microcenter an extra money for a CARRY-IN protection plan. Are former employees not valued even as customers?


  • TS_JosephF
    Hello @fmicro200
    Are you trying to return the item within the return period or just use the replacement as the warranty?
    I do not see any issue with you doing either at a different store location as customers are able return an item at a different store location. Even if you purchased it using an employee discount, using your replacement plan would still get you a gift card for the amount you paid for it assuming we have determined the item is defective.
    I will also send you a DM about this in case we need to escalate this for you.
  • fmicro200
    I attempted to bring the defective item back after the return period was up and use the replacement/carry-in plan I had. Never have I had a former employer tell me to leave the store as a paying customer. I would prefer this escalate, on top of that I wont be bringing my business back to microcenter. 
  • kotkot1432
    kotkot1432 ✭✭
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    Ok so at 1/5/21 7:15 PM, whoever is the person that said no intels bad go AMD and I said well I want intel, so he said AMD is better. Btw he had a black AMD mask and I don't know his name. And he said instead of my budget (1000 dollars) I should make a cheaper list because it will be better for me and it will be less money for him. so in my mind, I'm like WTF DO YOU WANT MONEY OR NOT. And now he said that I should get a 300 Dollar Cpu instead. So I now see visible confusion, so do you want money or not. So I asked politely, can we make my pc list and he said it will be a waste of time because of how many people there are at the PC section. And there were 4 employees and 5 people there. So I'm like, does this dude want to be Fired. And as I was leaving 2 people from the PC section left with me and said what a jerk he was and I should stick with intel if I like it. So thanks to those 2 people. Pls, fix this man. If micro center wants to respond to this please go to this email, [Removed personal Info]  Thanks have a great day and not the man that was very rude.
  • JS_MC
    I'm sorry to hear about your experience in our store @kotkot1432. Please expect a DM from me regarding this, as I'd like to get a few more details from you about your experience.
    Thank you.
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