Graphics Card for i7-9700k

I am starting out as a 3D artist and recently recieved a computer for Christmas with an 8 core i7-9700k processor and an integrated HUD graphics 630 card. I am completely new to the world of pc building, and have been reading about dedicated GPUs and I'm interested in installing a different graphics card. I am on a budget and am looking for guidance on which graphics card would be right for me/if it would even be worth the expense in the first place. I am trying to speed up render times and also do some real-time render work in Touchdesigner ( looking for a way to make my pc keep up with 60fps more efficiently.) Apologies if info is missing/nonsensical. I'm new here!


  • JS_MC
    Hello, @Dnwakeman Welcome to the Community! I see listed on TouchDesigner's website that the system requirements for their program are as follows.

    A minimum of 1GB GPU memory and use of the most recent Nvidia drivers, AMD drivers, or Intel drivers is recommended. TouchDesigner uses OpenGL. Desktop Cards

    • Nvidia GeForce 600 Series Card or better
    • AMD HD 7000 Series Card or better
    They also recommend the most RAM possible. Meaning, as much as you can find a budget for. 😊
    Q: What is the most ideal system I should buy for TouchDesigner?

    A: TouchDesigner runs on laptops, desktops, and rackmounts. You don't need to buy the fastest CPU, but CPU clock speed is more important than number of cores. Get the best Nvidia graphics card with the most graphics RAM you can afford. TouchDesigner can use a lot of CPU RAM, so get as much as possible.

    Really, the right GPU for you would depend on your budget.

    Unfortunately, at this time there is a shortage of high-end GPUs. However, the advice above is correct. The more RAM and higher price of GPU typically gives a better performance return.
    I'd recommend selecting the one that fits your budget and going on from there. If you have any questions, we're here for you as well as our knowledgeable associates in the store!
  • SimiusV
    Definitely needs an upgrade. The Intel UHD 630 is actually integrated with the CPU, not a separate card. That i7 is a powerful CPU,  but TouchDesigner can also benefit from have GPU acceleration.
    Honestly, the more you spend, the better performance you'll get. Almost any videocard you buy will net you better performance. No need to go overboard though.
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