Need Help Choosing Parts



  • JS_MC
    What did you have in mind for this? What games are you planning to play? What FPS are you looking to get? What monitor will you pair with this build? What budget did you have in mind? Sorry for the third degree, but once I know a bit more, I'll be able to make the most complete recommendations.
    Right now it looks like you're missing a storage device. I'd recommend a 1TB M.2 drive as a start. They offer stellar speed, performance, and capacity at a good price!
    Look forward to your response!
  • Gaming, mostly Farming simulator (with some decent mods), American Truck simulator, and other similar games (nothing super intensive like Cyberpunk). Also Fusion 360 casually, internet surfing.
    Looking for FPS better than the 25 that is usual while playing Farming on my 4 year old Lenovo Flex 4.
    Haven't picked out a monitor, keyboard or mouse yet.
    Hoping to stay around 1000 total, hopefully get the CPU and motherboard as a combo at microcenter.
    For storage, I've seen some people have a smaller SSD and larger HDD, is that really beneficial or no?
  • JS_MC
    You'll definitely see better performance with this build!
    I've added a 1TB M.2 drive that will work nicely for your build. In the past, Solid State storage was much more expensive than traditional Hard drives. The difference in cost has shrunk quite a bit and the performance is too great to pass up. I'd recommend just a single 1TB SSD for now, but if you need more than 2TB in additional capacity, I'd recommend an HDD be added. I hope this makes sense, but I'd be happy to talk about it more if you have questions!
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