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  • JS_MC
    Your build looks like everything is compatible and will work well together. You should be able to reach the 75hz refresh rate in most games. Though in some triple-A titles, you may see some performance dips. If you're looking to play at 1440p and reach 75hz in all games, I might recommend a higher tier GPU.
    What kind of budget did you have in mind for this build?
  • LB3
    LB3 ✭✭
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    I agree with @LandShark That GPU will struggle with AAA titles if you're looking for >75 FPS. I have an RX 580 (OC'd to 1490MHz) and I run everything at 1080p. It runs titles like Hitman, Tomb Raider and Assassin's Creed pretty well but not at 75 FPS. It runs my esports games like CS:GO and Heroes of the Storm very well around 250-300 FPS for CS:GO and 160-200 for HotS at medium/high settings. 
    I like the monitor choice but you'll most likely need to run some games at 1080p for a better experience at higher frame rates.
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