Blue thunder - Micro Center Build

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imageBlue thunder - Micro Center Build

I started building this for stock trading but included it as a gaming pc.I love playing any warfare games. I dont think I would do anything differently. Micro center had all the parts in stock which made it easy to get these parts.

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  • Hey! I'm a day trader and looking for a fast computer to run (thinkorswim) etc. without speed problem. Don't care much about the graphics. Just want the speed/performance. I was trying to replicate and build one like yours but some parts are no longer available. Could you help me with selecting/building ones like yours?
  • JS_MC
    The demand for many of these parts is quite high right now. Some parts are out of stock at the moment, but we should be getting shipments for several soon! I'll send you a DM @Brittany_101 to find out some more info and then I'd be happy to recommend a build for you!
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