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YouTuber Pc build

I was told by microcenters Twitter to come here to discuss the build I wanted to make for my favorite YouTube at the moment. His name is MatMicMar, he's a call of duty YouTuber. Another one of the reason I wanted to make a pc for him is because his channel colors, birthplace, etc 


  • Hey @EzraBeachy What kind of build did you have in mind? I'd recommend using our Custom PC Builder to compile your parts list!
    If you're looking for help or recommendations I'd be happy to give some suggestions, but I'm not familiar with MatMicMar personally. What kind of budget did you have in mind for this build? What theme? What colors would you say are his channel colors? Are you planning on doing any physical mods?
    Can't wait to hear back from you!
  • I had a mid- high range build in mind. I'd definitely appreciate some recommendations. The budget was 1300-2000, but the thing is I can't quite afford that money to give away to a YouTuber so I was thinking, the way you guys collabed with KristopherYee. The theme would probably be A mix of Blue White Orange Red and Green. I chose those mostly since his channel colors are those colors. I was planning to vinyl wrap some of the parts of the case. Also is there a way to share videos or pictures on here, because I had a build type chosen that I'd like you guys to give feedback on, thanks for responding have a great day!
  • The build collaboration that was done with KristopherYee was handled by our team at our corporate office. I'm not sure of what is required for a collaboration like that but I'd be happy to create a build for you with that budget. What case did you have in mind?
    Pictures can be added to your posts and you're welcome to link YouTube videos here as well.
  • nxzt h710 or a corsair 400d airflow, either one simply because, there are much more plain and have lots of free space
  • if you could look into that for me because if I can't this funded I can't do it, but if it can't be I under stand lol heres what I was planning
  • @LandShark any updates are appreciated im heading to bed thanks for the help my man
  • I can definitely help you with advice on selecting parts if you'd like, but I'm not able to offer any funding. I've shared this info with our corporate team. If they are able to offer anything they will reach out.
  • Alrighty thanks man I appreciate it
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