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so i replaced my i7-8700 with an i9-9900k and upgraded my PSU to 850w so i can use the 3080 to its fullest, and i needed to know two things i have a PCIe 3.0 motherboard, but should i be concerned because it's going to be running x16 anyways because I don't got anything else using bandwidth? to my knowledge at least,  and is 27c idle and 33c under heavy loads good? or should i go back and reapply the paste? I'm using an aio


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    27C/33C are very good temps but this also depends on your ambient, or room temp. You most likely do not need to reapply paste or adjust anything for now. For instance, I have an i9-10850K with a 280mm AIO and it runs idle at 24C-26C depending on the amount of sunlight the room gets and if I have the heat or A/C running. I also run my fans on "silent" when idle and "performance" mode when gaming. Under gaming loads (not all cores) it gets up to the low- to mid-60s.

    The 33C under load sounds artificial so you'll need to check which temp sensor you're looking at or you may not be stressing the CPU much. Which benchmark or stress test do you use to put the CPU under load? I would suggest Cinebench (free) and 3DMark (free). Or if the games you play have built-in benchmarks those are fun too. But gaming benchmarks typically stress the graphics card more than the CPU.

    After I perform upgrades or build a PC I use CPUID HWMonitor to check on temps and voltages while benchmarking and stress testing. 
  • graysonheadley
    i used both and saw the rise and it maxed out at 33.3-33.8 on both 100% utilization
  • JS_MC
    33C under load is an extremely good temp. Typically most systems will be around 60C or more. CPU temps are safe up to higher temps. As @LB3 says, it would be dependant on your ambient temps. However, as mentioned, these temps are great and I wouldn't think you will need to reapply paste at this time.
    Great advice here @LB3!
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