building a computer for 3d cad

I am building a computer for 3d cad so I wanted to see if the build list is recommended.  I do know that the video card I chose is recommended by solidworks as they use CUDA.  everything look good and compatible?


  • JS_MC
    Hello @Aaronh Welcome to the community!
    I'd recommend a couple of things for your build. The first would be that you upgrade your CPU cooler to a more robust option. I'd recommend the NZXT Kraken X63 280mm as a good option for your CPU. The option you've got selected will be able to cool the CPU, but may not perform very well especially over longer render times.
    The second would be a suggestion that would depend on your budget. I'd recommend a Quadro RTX 4000 GPU or a 30 Series RTX GPU instead of the P2200 that you've selected.
    I've found a useful article that I think does a great job explaining the differences in performance between GeForce and Quadro.
    It also shows some performance graphs comparing the RTX 4000 and the 2080 Ti. The new 3070 outperforms the 2080 Ti in gaming and has a higher CUDA core count. (3070 - 5,888 vs. 2080 Ti - 4,352)
    Quadro definitely has its perks, but it typically at a premium. 
    The third would be to consider more RAM. This can be added over time if you'd prefer. It depends on your project file size, however, in most cases, the larger the file you're rendering or working with the more RAM you'll want to have.
    Everything is compatible and looks good!
    I hope this info helps and I'd be happy to discuss this further if you'd like!
  • Aaronh
    Thanks for your insight!  I went ahead and upgraded the memory and cooler to your recommendation and took off the GPU for now and placed the build order.  Haven't received feedback that they are finished yet as to the completion but I'm sure they are backed up.  My plan is to use my existing Quadro P4000 out of my current computer as I'm limited to 3000.00. (company purchase) In Solidworks benchtest, My current GPU was not the cog in the overall performance so hopefully that holds true in the new system.  If it does hinder my new performance level, I will address it accordingly.  Thanks Again!
  • JS_MC
    You're quite welcome! Let us know how the upgrade goes! 😊
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