Upgrading CPU on PowerSpec


My PowerSpec G705 has a Ryzen 2700x and I'm thinking of upgrading to a 3900x (purchased from MicroCenter). My research suggests that I might HAVE to change the BIOS on my ASRock B450 Pro 4 mobo, although the uploaded BIOS is obviously PowerSpec and not ASRock. 
How do I check and ensure that my intended CPU upgrade is going to work out? Should I just physically install the 3900x and hope it works? Or should I flash my BIOS to the recommended ASRock BIOS for Matisse processors?

Thank you.


  • The BIOS on PowerSpec systems is standard. The only customization is the logo you see when the machine powers on. You can flash your board, but I wouldn't put a 3900X in it because ASRock uses poor VRMs that don't play well with higher-end processors. A 3700X or 5700X (if ASRock is going to support it) would be better.
  • JS_MC
    It would require a BIOS update for the CPU to work in the new board. We are able to offer BIOS flash in our service department for  $29.99. However, I would recommend upgrading your motherboard if you are upgrading your CPU to the 3900X. The B450 is capable, however, because of the difference in TDP between these two chips, I'd recommend upgrading to a B550 or X570. The boards are designed for the chip and you'll have more stability.
    Hope this info helps!
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