Need advice on build.

I currently have a 1080ti which is why I don't have a GPU selected unless that's an issue with this build. Would appreciate any other advice, thanks!


  • TSTDavey
    Hello @dedrottn thanks for posting onto the Microcenter Community Forum. We think the build looks good. Maybe consider the cost for a mouse and keyboard if you don't already have both. The GTX 1080ti should work with the 3900x. Some games depending how graphical heavy they are, the 1080ti may not work on some games at high settings, such as Cyberpunk 2077. Game settings will have to be reduced to get to the graphical level the 1080ti can handle for that particular game.
  • dedrottn
    Thanks for having the forum up for questions! I have a keyboard and mouse for the build already, thanks for checking. (:
    Also, would that cause any issues with same day pro assembly if I didn't have a GPU selected? I would assume I could either bring it in or could just install it myself after it's assembled. 
    Again, thanks for the reply!
  • TS_JosephF
    TS_JosephF admin
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    @dedrottn - Thanks for the feedback about the forum!
    If you don't have a GPU selected, that would be fine and we could still assemble it with the parts you selected. You could install the GPU yourself if you want to when you bring the system home.

    If you want us to install it in the system, there is a good chance you would have to leave the system and the GPU at the store over night. My best advice would be to place the order online, and wait for the confirmation email before heading to the store. Once you get the email confirming we have all the parts and stock and that we will start on the build, you will want to bring the GPU in and drop it off with the techs so we can install the GPU while we are assembling everything else.

    That's what I recommend doing if you want us to install the video card and get the system built the same-day. Of course, if you feel comfortable installing it yourself, you could do that instead and save yourself the extra trip to the store.
  • dedrottn
    @TS_JosephF Sounds good! I sent the order in so I'll check for an e-mail, appreciate your time!
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