Dell XPS 8940 Gaming Desktops - Get ready for major updating!!

ComputerGuyMD ✭✭
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Just picked up the 2nd of these machines at MC and could not believe it was running v1909 (Fall 2019) version of Windows 10 Home. After updating about 20 queued updates and BIOS twice, I gave up and put in my 20H2 flash drive and updated manually. Also had to update the RTX2060, as there's been 5 updates in the last 3+ months from Nvidia.
Lotsa work on updates to get this machine up to date! BTW...don't be concerned about the BSoD, as it only happens once...hopefully :blush:


  • JS_MC
    Thanks for the feedback @ComputerGuyMD! We'll share this info with our contacts at Dell to let them know about this.
    It is fairly typical for items that have been sitting in the store for some time to require updates, but 20 seems like quite a lot.
    Thanks again!
  • ComputerGuyMD
    Thanks for your reply. The biggest issue was running version 1909, which was Fall 2019 update. My desktop purchased in December came with version 2004 and that was acceptable, as 20H2 was not released until Fall of 2020. Having 2 BIOS updates to perform was a bit perplexing and it appears Dell is not doing their diligence in having their machines current when packaging and shipping...unless it was over 1 year from packaging to sales?
  • JS_MC
    I don't know the answer to this query myself, but you've made me curious as well. We'll reach out to contacts at Dell about this. Thanks for sharing this info with us!
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