RTX 3070 Power Connections

Hi all, I am planning on buying an RTX 3070, most likely an EVGA or Asus variant, both of which all require  2 x 8pin to power.  However, on my power supply, which is a PowerSpec 650watt semi modular, I only have one 8pin, and 3x6pin connections.  The Power supply comes with a cable that has an 8pin on the PSU side, splitting to 2x(6+2pin) connections, filling both connectors on the GPU. 

My question is if this single cable from one 8pin on the PSU will supply sufficent power to the GPU.  I should also say I am running a Ryzen 7 3700x, so if there are any power concerns, I would love to know if an upgraded PSU is needed  Thanks for all your help! 


  • JS_MC
    The GPU will need both 8pin power for it to work properly. The splitter you're mentioning 2x 6+2pin should work to supply GPU with the needed power.
    However, Nvidia does recommend a 750 Watt PSU for the 3070. It's possible that the 3070 may trip the power draw protection. If this happens it will turn off the system.
    Hope this info helps.
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