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Question on G436?

I had to turn wake up on usb mouse in the bios to get that to work, no big deal.
When I play games tho, I noticed that the power supply is vibrating off and on.
What should I do? I have never had one do this? I like the computer, but I am concerned.
It has a odd hum too.


  • SimiusVSimiusV New York
    Sounds odd. Is it the fan in the PSU? That's the most likely culprit.
  • Hello @WickedData thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. What kind pc do you have, is it a custom build PC or pre-build (ex, Dell or HP)? When the PSU vibrates on and off, does the computer shut off? There could be something wrong with the Power Supply internally or it could lose and hitting something inside your computer case. Make sure the PSU isn't lose on the inside of your case.
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    Its a power spec G436, it didn't till 30 minutes ago. Now it only powers up, Monitor won't turn on and keyboard won't bring up bios. No power to usb my black widow and death adder light up normally right when it turns on.
    I have only had it 3 day!
  • @WickedData
    Sorry to hear you are having problems on just day 3. I would at least start by power cycling the system. You could also remove the CMOS battery if you wanted, it is not required to power cycle the system. You would do that after step 2. 
    Also, if the system is powering on and it seems to be working, I would test different display cables, a different monitor or TV, and you could consider reseating the GPU as well. Of course, if this humming sound is coming from inside the PSU then it could be what is causing this issue.
    I would at least try these other steps and let us know if the system will boot up after that.
  • Did everything, all it got me was a white light vga, the card is not making any sound now like its off and the power supply is giving off a weird mechanical sound every so often. Very odd sound. All in and out puts don't respond.
  • I think the power supply bought it.
  • If the EZ Debug VGA light is on, that would typically mean that the GPU is having an issue. I'd recommend reseating the GPU and ensuring that the PSU cables are securely plugged in. It is still possible that this is still an issue with the PSU, but I'd recommend checking this guide for Troubleshooting a new PC.
    If these still don't work, I'd recommend returning to our store.
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