Need Help Choosing Parts

Right now I have a Cyberpower prebuilt gaming pc that I have had for almost a year now but I want to save up money through this year and maybe a little next year depending on how much I make so I can buy my dream pc... the only thing is the 2060 cards are all sold out and I don't know if the b450-f and Ryzen 5 3600 are compatible? so I will take any advice and criticism and my max budget is $1500 because I cant save up to much, it would take to long.


  • JS_MC
    Hello @Krillix! Welcome to the community!
    It's awesome to hear that you're looking to build your dream PC. Your build looks great! Since you mentioned that you're looking for the 2060, I'd recommend waiting a bit. NVIDIA just announced their newest GPU, the 3060, and said that it will be releasing in February. If you're able to, I'd recommend waiting until then for this build, or perhaps getting a few of the other parts.
    The CPU and motherboard that you mentioned are compatible and will work well together!
    One thing I'd mention is about the fans that you've selected. The case you've got there is able to take a certain amount of fans.
    Front: 2 X 120/140mm
    Top: 2 X 120/140mm
    It comes with two 120mm fans. One in the back and one in the top front. You've selected four bitspower case fans and not all of these fans will be able to fit in the case.
    Hope this helps!

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