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Help picking a monitor ???

so im soon getting a pc, gonna upgrade the gpu to a GTX 1070 (its currently at a 1050ti if that matters) and im really in need of help on finding a good monitor - below 200$
any size between 23-27. 120hz-144z, 1080p.
not sure if im asking too much or expecting much but any recommendations would be great!
so far i have one in mind and its a acer XFA240, 24", please help ! (-:


  • LandSharkLandShark admin
    edited January 13
    Hello @sessy Welcome to the community!
    I don't think that you're expecting too much from this, however, it may limit your selection. Which is a good thing!
    I'd recommend the MSI MAG241MVC, however, the Acer that you mentioned is also a good option.
    I don't think you can go wrong with either. I really like the curved monitor on the MSI, but that you can move the adjustable stand on the Acer has its perks too! Really a personal preference!
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