Need Help Choosing Parts



  • JS_MC
    Hello @Brucetopher Welcome to the community!
    For a first build, this is stellar! For a second build, this is stellar. You've got quite the selection here.
    All your parts are well paired here and will work very well together.
    Great choices here! I'd recommend a larger size monitor, but I'm partial to 27" monitors.
  • Thank you @LandShark! I'm glad I have picked out compatible parts, that's one worry out of the way. With the way things are going,  I am worried I will not be able to secure an RTX of any kind. What other graphics cards would you pair with the Ryzen 7? Would you recommend me just holding out for as long as I possibly can for the 3070?  
  • JS_MC
    Yes, our PC Build tool helps to check that all parts are compatible and will let you know if they aren't!
    I'm actually in the same boat as you on that front. I'm still shopping for a 3080 at the moment. Hopefully, we'll both be able to find an RTX card soon. For the moment, I'd say wait as long as you're able to for the card you want. I'm lucky to not "need" a GPU right now, but I definitely want one.
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