How does the line usually forms at the Tustin Micro Center?

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Planning to go to Micro Center at Tustin at 5am in the morning for a GPU but worring about how they form the line. Does that mean you will have to stay out there until they open the door at 10? Has anyone here who had done this before?


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    The earlier the better. 5AM seems about right and yes gotta wait til 10AM to get in. But also there is a que system you gotta use before getting in. I believe they give you a QR code. It'll text you when its your turn. Just PPE/Social distance/etc since no one in that parking lot does and there have been "sudden store shutdowns" to deep clean a few times. Since Oct/Nov/Dec of 2020.
    Source: MC customer of 20 years.
  • A friend of mine told me about the voucher system. How would we know when that gets started? I'd be willing to camp out if I knew when.
  • JS_MC
    We offer vouchers when we have graphics cards to be able to sell. Vouchers are typically given out when the store opens in the morning. However, it does vary from store to store. I'd recommend visiting the store to speak with an associate who would be able to provide more insight into how the store is handling their vouchers when they receive cards.
  • Would an associate have dates on when items will arrive? There isn't a Micro Center near me and I would have to call in.
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    Apologies, but they would not have exact dates. Calling the store would ring through to our contact center in our corporate office and our associates there have access to the same information that I do.
    Due to your distance to the store, I would recommend waiting until we start to receive a more steady supply of the GPUs, though I'm not aware of the timeline for this supply. I hope this information helps!
  • The information is very helpful. My hunt goes on!
  • JS_MC
    Best of luck to you!
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