AHHH Need Help Choosing Parts - New Rig

Hello all... 
I havent built a rig since 2008, and honestly I am in dire need. I was going to save the hassle and let the folks at MC build it for me. 
I will be editing videos, music, movies, general purpose.. I will NOT be gaming... I want something that will last a while
I have a GTX 1080 that I just picked up off a friend.. will MC install it for me if I take it there or will they tell me to go pound sand... 
I will be going to the Fairfax, VA location..

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice. https://www.microcenter.com/site/content/custom-pc-builder-amd.aspx?load=d1442313-cf40-4fd7-a55e-d9d66ec2f4ce



  • TSTDavey
    Hello @chess and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Your build looks good. All should work with your GTX 1080. Two things you may want to consider. One, adding in the cost for your Operating System (ex., Windows, etc.). Second, if you are using software like Adobe premiere pro, or whichever software you use, !6gb of RAM is good. But if you plan on doing any 4K video editing, you may want to go up 32gb as your software may take longer to edit 4K video content with 16gigs of RAM. Overall the build looks good.
  • chess
    @TSTDavey Thank you sir.... I already have a copy of windows pro 64 downloaded and ready to go.

    I may bump it up to 32gigs.
  • JS_MC
    Good idea! As @TSTDavey mentioned the 32GB of RAM would be a great idea for 4k editing!
    Installing a GPU is a service we offer and we'd be happy to do it for you!
    Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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