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HP Envy laptop purchased at Micro Center with MC extended warranty, get an annoying popup from HP

I don't think this is Malware but it is very annoying.
I purchased a "NEW" HP Envy X360 Model 15m-dr0012dx from Micro Center 02/22/20 and also purchased an extended warranty.  I had it for maybe 2 weeks when I got a popup from HP saying the warranty would expire April 22, 2020 and It popped up about April 15 and had a number to call.  I called the number and it was reported to be from HP but they tried to sell me a warranty extension.  Then I called Micro Center and they told me to ignore it because there was an arrangement made with HP for refurbishment and thats why the warranty was offered at time of the sale.

It keeps popping up and I want to know how to disable it for good.  It is a big annoyance,


  • Hello @wogie
    Are you referring to the HP Care Pack program or perhaps the HP Support Assistant?
    If you have the HP Support Assistant installed, it is likely to set to allow the Warranty check.

    Start (Windows key) > show list of "apps" > scroll down to category "HP" >
    Left-Click (Open) Topic "HP Help and Support"
    Optional: Right-Click on HP Support Assistant > Pin to Start (makes the program easy to find in your Start screen)
    Left-Click on (Open) HP Support Assistant
    Wait for the program to open on your computer screen
    Click Settings
    Select "No" under "Enable your PC to show contract options, warranty information, and important messages"
    Click Save

    Please let me know if this is a solution for you.
  • I could get as far as the last step, there is no "Save" button, only a next button.  When you click on the next button it takes you out of the screen, but when you go hack in you see that nothing had changed.
  • Hmm. I see, then If you're alright with it, I'd recommend uninstalling the program if you're still looking to remove the pop-ups. You may lose some of the HP Support Assistant features, however, it should remove the pop-up.
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