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I have never checked to see if there are others that use Micro Center that provide technical support for the community.  I am looking for someone or a company that can provide full support for Microsoft SQL Servers in the Denver area.  Is there anyone in the community that can help with this support or do you know someone you can point me to that can help in supporting servers for a small manufacturing company in the Denver area?
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  • I have capacity to assist, but unfortunately am located on the east coast. If you would like, we could still discuss your needs and how my 15+ years working with SQL Server could support your company.
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    Ditto, but from the West coast.
    Unless your needs are quite complex, which isn't usually the case with smaller manufacturers, you should be able to get by with some login/permission knowledge, and setting up a maintenance plan to dump backups to the disk, for the rest of the backup system to grab.  The more complex stuff, such as the schema and queries are usually going to be managed by the ERP system itself.  However, there are often some opportunities to add functionality to the ERP system with some SQL and C# programming knowledge.
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    SQL Server Speakers' profiles listed on sqlSaturday▪️com... may be able to assist, even if they happen to be from other locations.

    For example: We recommend attending in person: March 19 @ Library 21c, 1175 Chapel Hills Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

    Links to Speaker Profiles are found under PastEvents (or FutureEvents) ... on the Event Schedule.

    Also, profiles for SQL Experts could be searched with keywords on LinkedIn▪️com

  • S_West

    Virtual or in-person events: Meetup▪️com

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