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Hi i have my gaming pc that was built a few years ago mostly to play LoL, but ive gotten into new games and i know my pc need the upgrades just dont know how to go about it as of right now it is an amd build i prefer intel myself but not sure if i should make the switch and invest in the intel parts and or keep upgrading this amd setup my parts ill leave below its a rough idea of what i have not too sure on what the motherboard is or the type of ram besides the size, but ik basic upgrades definitely need to be done like to ram, storage, and all that also looking to go water cooling if someone could recommend one, i know the corsair series are well spoken about, mostly trying to go for performance upgrades but thank you to anyone who has the time to look at this and respond its much appreciated.


  • Gigabyte...


  • AMD  Fx-8320E (Eight Core)


  • AMD Radeon R9 270x


  • 16GB of DDR4

Power Supply

  • 750w


  • 1TB SSD

Cooling System

  • Air Cooled by cooler master i think

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    Hello @JoshGougeon,
    If you prefer Intel, I would say start investing in making the switch. You will need to find a compatible motherboard, but choose that after you have picked your CPU. How much of a budget you have will for sure effect what you do and do not upgrade. The GPU is something you will want to upgrade for newer titles, I recommend a 1660 or equivalent at a minimum. Your RAM depending on the speed should actually be fine for awhile, 16GB is not bad. For a water cooling system I would recommend Corsair or NZXT. 
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