Cancel order 11955875 that says SHIPPED but fedex does not have yet - we will in store pickup

We wanted the 5% off using INSIDER card and ordered a laptop OVERNIGHT online. We cannot get our discount online so we ordered the same item for in store pickup (Denver). Fedex does NOT have the item as yet for order #11955875 - how can we CANCEL this order and just pick up the item in Denver?
AND - second problem!!! We CALLED the Denver store and they told us this item was on sale for $699 until the END of January ($200 off) - we went to purchase and it is $749, only $150 off ... how do we get the $50 credit for the misinformation we were given?


  • TSTDavey
    Hello @GistaBista thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Sorry for the confusion. The laptop is ready for Fedex to pick it up today. But we'll put in the request to pull the merchandise from the scheduled fedex pickup. We'll let you know if there are any issues. To get the credit, call our Microcenter Online Customer Service at 614-850-3675 option# 3 tomorrow from 10am to 4pm Eastern Time. They can do any crediting depending on the circumstances. 
  • GistaBista
    We did speak with CS today who also put in for the cancel as they saw we already picked up the MSI laptop in Denver today and put in a request for a $50 credit due to the pricing issues. If the laptop shows up fedex we will refuse it if we see them delivery. Thanks.
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