Powerspec G358 - display problems, no GPU detected

Hi all - I bought a Powerspec G358 for my son this Christmas. It ran great for a day or so, then he would see screen freezes when gaming (similar to other threads on the forum) or just no signal out from any of the video ports. I took it back in to Micro Center and a tech looked at it, thought it might be a loose cable - got a signal back, so I took it home thinking it was fixed. Well, the same thing started happing immediately (no video signal / screen freeze / blackout)

Brought it back to Micro Center yesterday, and it was exchanged with a brand new 358. My son was super happy and we thought this finally might be fixed. When we get it home, there is no signal from the video  ports (we tried various HDMI and Display Port cables). So I start looking at the forums again, trying to see if I can rollback the drivers, install new ones, etc. Turns out the GPU is not listed in Device Manager, which poses a problem for any of the solutions I've seen thus far.

Anyone else seeing this? Was there a solution? I don't want to stand in line (already made several trips) to get rushed off without a solution. Based on the threads here, the problem seems to be pretty common, and I don't want to be in the same boat again. 


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