Full Retro Arcade kit screen plexiglass

Probably the most difficult part of my Full Retro Arcade kit build was getting the plexiglass installed properly into the grooved channels of the side panels.  I'm not 100% certain if the channel just wasn't routed wide enough to accommodate both the plexiglass and the vinyl graphics that were applied to it.  The result was the plexiglass screen was not sitting flush in the channel and flexed outward/bubbled-out instead of being perfectly flat.
I did 2 things to try to fix this.  I trimmed off the vinyl graphics framing the screen around the left and right sides just under 1/4" so the graphics would not be increasing the thickness of the plexiglass in the routed channel.  This might be all that is needed and, if so, then it should be part of the assembly instructions.  The problem is if you don't do this step ahead of time before assembling the cabinet, and then you see the flexed plexiglass issue after you've assembled it, then popping out the plexiglass to fix this is a real pain.
I also took a more radical step which I don't know was actually necessary or not.  I used a razor knife to try to carefully enlarge the routed channel.  This dangerous since you could easily hurt yourself or scratch up the side panel or screen if you're not careful.  I don't recommend doing this unless it's absolutely necessary.
Anyway, HTH. Game on!


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