Truck days for mayfield

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I've been hunting for a 3080 and r5,r7 or r9 for a new build I am putting together. Being a father of 2 that has limited time to go to a store on the weekends and weekday's. I'd really like an idea when the best time to stop in and play the instock lottery would be. I get you can't give me an exact answer but if you can tell me what days are the main truck days that would help allot to increasing my chances of maybe getting at least 1 part when I come in. 
Also, I saw a few others saying they are being strong armed into buying full systems to get a 3080. I'm really not opposed to getting all the parts at once if that's required to leave with a 3080 assuming there's even stock. But if that's the case, then I wouldn't pick up the cpu&mobo on a different day then the 3080 either. Thanks for any answer, message, reply. 


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