White VGA light remains on and not receiving any POST from the computer

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Hey all,
Hoping someone can help me here, I just built my first ever PC and after connecting and installing everything I turned on the PC and attempted to install windows. I used the custom configuration option when installing windows and everything is brand new. It looked to be working fine and then my screen went blank and I no longer had any video signal. 

What happens now is that when I turn the PC on I get no video signal and the white VRAM light on my motherboard remains on which is the only indication of the issue I am seeing. I attempted to flash bios but still no signal, I removed and re-installed my GPU, and I booted up with one RAM stick installed rather than two. Still getting no video signal but everything seems to be getting power. I tested all Display ports and HDMI ports on the graphics card and motherboard and still no dice.

  • Motherboard: ROG Strix X570-F Gaming
  • GPU: Nvidia 3070 Founders Edition
  • CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x
  • RAM: 2x16GB G.Skill TridentZ NEO 3600 CL16
  • PSU: EVGA 750 GT Supernova 80 Plus Gold (750W)
I have been doing a bunch of research but feel like I am trying to self-diagnose an illness and all the results I get back are "death" so I wanted to post my own experience to the pros here and see if we can identify why my PC isn't booting as expected. 


  • JS_MC
    Have you tried our Knowledge Base article on POSTing a new build?
    I'd recommend making sure that all is connected and properly seated. Since you mentioned that it was booting, it's quite strange that it does not post after installing the OS.
  • I ended up going through a lot of those steps and I'll list them here to maybe rule out a few different possibilities:
    • Tested monitor
    • Booted with one stick of RAM in the primary slot and swapped RAM sticks in the primary slot
    • Reseated my GPU and tested it with the GPU that was in my old computer
    • Removed all power cords and removed all components from the computer and then reassembled the entire thing
    • Double-checked all power cords were pushed in all the way
    • Removed the CMOS battery 
    • Booted without the graphics card installed
    • Tested all Displayports and HDMI ports on the graphics card
    • Ran a BIOS update with the most updated BIOS version for my motherboard in the BIOS flashback USB plug
    And now I'm kind of at a loss here and thinking I might need to fully replace the motherboard. Would it be a good idea to bring this into Microcenter to diagnose the issue?
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    You're at the point where I would install the 3070 into another system and see if you get the same result. That'll verify if the card has failed. If it works in another system, card is fine. Replace the motherboard.
  • Awesome thanks for your help, I'll check that out and see if it is the motherboard. I bought this stuff pretty recently do you think the warranty will cover replacing the parts?
  • Ian
    Awesome thanks for your help, I'll check that out and see if it is the motherboard. I bought this stuff pretty recently do you think the warranty will cover replacing the parts?
    If it's a Micro Center replacement plan / BYO plan, yes it would cover assisting with a replacement if the item is indeed defective

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