Differences in New Inland Filaments

So I recently saw that microcenter now sells petg+ and lite pla but there isnt any clear indication how these new filaments vary from their regular petg, pla and pla+ aside from extruder temperature ranges. Does anyone know the actual differences with these new filaments?


  • JS_MC
    Personally, printing with PLA and PLA+ I've noticed a slight difference in the color of the finished print. I think they are using a slightly different blend of materials. That being said, with some of them, I haven't noticed much of a difference at all. It seems like the PLA+ offers a slightly better print, although I haven't spent much time tweaking temp and speed.
    I'd love to hear what others think about the difference as well!
  • NickBiederman
    According to our buyer, Lite PLA is very similar to regular PLA but is a matte instead of glossy. PETG+ has similar mechanical characteristics to regular PETG, but it's less hydroscopic leading to longer shelf life and easier storage, isn't as susceptible to print fan speed making it easier to print, and has a higher flow rate so it can be printed faster.
  • AlexPasseno
    AlexPasseno Store Associate
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    ^ what Nick said PETG+ is a heck of alot more forgiving for new petg users the lite pla is actually the same as polymakers new polyterra filament, so alot better for the environment too!

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