Does the Atari Full Size Arcade Cabinet (Full Kit) Include a Trackball?


The assembled unit shown in the image has a trackball, but the Package Contents section (under the Specs tab) does not mention a trackball. The Overview also includes this statement: "Pair it with our trackball control panel to recreate the fell [sic] of classic arcade cabinets like Crystal Castles."

So is a trackball included? If not, what is the best approach for adding one?


  • NickBiederman
    A trackball is not included. You can buy a trackball separately (we offer 4 colors: redwhite, blue, and pearl) along with this control panel for the full size cabinet. 
  • The kit definitely does NOT include a trackball.  If you want to add one without doing any carpentry then you need to buy this control panel for $60:
    And, of course, you need to buy the actual trackball.  I bought an Ultimarc U-Track Pearl USB trackball for $99 (lists for $120) at my local Micro Center in Houston and it fit perfectly into the above control panel without any adjustments. It screwed directly to the panel with its included screws without the need for any drilling.  The panel and the trackball are really things the only things you need (has a USB adapter with short USB cord, screws/bolts are included).  I was lucky enough to find an Ultimarc U-Track LED light kit for about $20 which is an add-on to make the pearl trackball light up any color you like (NOTE: I think maybe the solid color ones can't be backlit but I could be wrong).
    The only trackball I currently see on Micro Center's online store are the Baolian brand.  These are also on sale for $99 at the moment.
    From the pics, the Baolian trackball looks just like the Ultimarc but I really can't say for certain how well it works with the above trackball control panel (don't know if any drilling or anything like that is necessary but I doubt it).  I think I read here in the Microcenter forums that some folks didn't like how low some of the trackballs (not sure what brand) set into the control panel.  I did not have any issues with the Ultimarc U-track, though.

  • VideoKid
    Thank you, @NickBiederman and @Visigoth2112 for the quick and helpful feedback. Given the lackluster reviews for the trackball control panel, I am wondering if it might be preferable to cut a hole in the supplied control panel, assuming I have the correct tools. Any thoughts?

    Following up on @Visigoth2112's comments on the low profile of the Baolian trackballs, it does appear that the underside of the control panel would have to be recessed to accommodate it, especially when compared to the higher profile of this Ultimarc trackball. Is that your understanding?

    Based on this assembled cabinet from another thread, it does not appear that this could be achieved with a Baolian trackball without some serious recessing underneath, especially considering that this control panel also has an acrylic layer. By the way, is the acrylic also not included with this kit?
  • @VideoKid
    I don't understand the negative reviews on the trackball control panel.  One said it was made from particle board.  All I can say is my Micro Center trackball control panel is made from the same material that was included in the full kit's (non-trackball) control panel.
    My trackball control panel worked out great and had a recessed area for installing the trackball such that no cutting or drilling was required.  Also, my Ultimarc U-Track Trackball was an exact fit in the recessed area and did not sit low (see the pics I included).  To attach it, I simply put the included long bolts through of the top of the plexiglass/panel.  These bolts were long to go completely through the plexiglass + panel + trackball such that I was able to attach nuts to the end of the bolts.
    I had reservations about cutting a hole in the top of the included control panel.  I thought cutting it with a hole saw might chip the black coating (melamine?).  I'm no carpenter but I know that black coating chips very easily.  Maybe if you use a hole saw meant for veneer (with lots of fine teeth) then you might get better results.  On the other hand, I'm not sure what you'd do about the underside of the control panel.  Seems like you'd need to use a router to make a recessed area (see my attached pics and you can see the recessed area).

  • VideoKid
    Thanks, @Visigoth2112, for the detailed response and photos. Your control panel looks great. I have some follow-up questions:
    1. Is this trackball the one you used?
    2. Are holes for the screws pre-drilled in the acrylic layer (Plexiglas) that is included with the trackball control panel?
    3. Do you think it would be possible to countersink the screws for the joysticks and trackball? Or does the black coating seem too brittle to drill without chipping?
    In this assembled cabinet, the mounting screws for the joysticks and trackball are not visible, so I am assuming they countersunk the screws and then placed the panel graphics over top. Perhaps @NickBiederman or @LandShark can chime in here and describe how they achieved this look.

    Thanks again.
  • NickBiederman
    edited January 2021
    Your best bet is going to be getting the trackball panel. It's recessed on the bottom and already had the holes to mount everything. You could do it with a router, a drill, and an appropriately sized hole saw, but it's going to be a lot of work.

    The U Trak you linked will fit as well.

    It looks like there's some screws missing in that picture. The joy sticks are sitting way too low and I'm not seeing the screw heads. In short, you'll be better off just screwing through the plexiglass. It should be possible to hide the screws under the graphics, but you'd need different screws. The plexi is predrilled, so no matter what you'll see the holes in the plexi. There's a couple screws visible on the track ball, and I think the others are hidden by reflections. 
  • VideoKid
    Thank you for the quick answers, @NickBiederman. If the plexiglass is pre-drilled, then my countersinking question is moot. Thanks also for confirming that the U-Trak trackball will work.
  • Visigoth2112
    edited January 2021
    @VideoKid Yep, that's Ultimarc U-Trak trackball I used.  I found it at my local Micro Center but strangely I do not see it in their online store.  I wanted to price compare with other vendors but it seemed difficult to find the U-Trak in pearl color online and in-stock anywhere (I wanted pearl for use with the LED backlight).  If you do buy from somewhere online then make sure you the U-Trak includes a USB adapter.
    As @NickBiederman mentioned, the trackball control panel has predrilled holes in the plexiglass and panel, as well as the recessed area work which works perfectly with the U-Trak without any modification.
    I also want to mention again that it's entirely possible the Baolian trackball (found online at Micro Center) might work with the trackball control panel without modifications but I'd leave it to someone else to confirm that.
  • @VideoKid Regarding your question about hiding the joystick and trackball screws... It may be possible to attach the joysticks and trackball from underneath the panel using screws.  I know the U-Trak kit includes some special cylindrical inserts where you can drill a hole roughly half way through the panel and then use short bolts that screw into the inserts (see How-To on this Arcade Controls Forum).
  • VideoKid
    Thanks for following up, @Visigoth2112. I checked out the link you posted, and it is very helpful. In fact, that whole site looks like a great resource for all aspects of building a DIY arcade machine.
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