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I was wondering how I might be able to find out when a graphics card (3080 or 3070) would be available at a store the night before. I know when shipments come in it should say that there is availability on the website, but where do I find that (Live in the northeast)?

I have been waiting for the last few months to even see if they are in stock as I don't want to buy a card for twice the price on ebay or StockX. Am somewhat desperate atm.


  • JS_MC
    Unfortunately, I do not have a way to know when we will receive shipments. Sometimes we can receive shipments once a week, and others we can go a week or so without a shipment. It's all dependant on the manufacturers right now. I wish I had a better answer for you, as it would mean that I had a better answer for myself. (I'm still shopping for a GPU)
    What I can say, is that for normal shipments (Not drop-shipped) it does appear that they are only being delivered during the weekdays. However, I have no documentation confirming that. That is only from my perspective.
    I do know that we have received drop shipments sporadically throughout the week and weekend. So again, I really don't have a way to know when we will receive shipments in advance.
  • hboley
    Thanks for the response - but I was more curious (as I check the website daily) how I can tell if there is a shipment that came in that day, and if I should be prepared to go wait in the early hours of the morning. 

    Also, is there any way to get notifications when something has become available?
  • TSTDavey
    @hboley just chiming in, your best bet unfortunately is to visit the store everyday to see if the store will get a gpu shipment in that day. Other customers are looking for these gpu's and they visit the store everyday and weekends trying to see if  a shipment has come in. So you're up against others in trying to get this card. Visit the store everyday if you can. And unfortunately we do not have any process in place to notify customer when the 3000 series are in stock. This may come later in the future for all products, but it doesn't exist as we speak. Sorry
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