G706 Problems.

I purchased my Powerspec G706 9/9/2020 Receipt Reference Number 041-PO-9924970.  It has been working great until several weeks ago.  I noticed after sitting idle sometimes the monitors (I use two) will turn off and I have to turn the main power switch off in the back and back on again to get it to reboot.  The fan on the MasterCooler water cooler is running very fast.
Sometimes the computer will not boot up at all when I push the start button and I have to repeat the process I have explained above.  The computer will also sometimes freeze up playing a game.
I am not sure if this is a graphics card problem of a power issue.  I'll be happy to send you details of hardware, but it is a stock G706 using the original drivers.


  • JS_MC
    First thought would be it's triggered by a USB device. And I'm assuming this happens when the PC is in hibernate or shut off. They're really both S4.

    Three things I would suggest trying.

    1. Disconnect all USB devices the next time you either let it sleep or shut it down, see if the issue will persist.

    2. Disable ErP in the BIOS. This setting provides power to USB devices when the PC is shut off. See if the issue still persists.

    3. Kill S4. From an elevated command prompt or powershell type: powercfg -h off

    Note: You can toggle this back on later with: powercfg -h on

    Please let us know what your results are.

  • Starmaker

    Hi Dcjacks, Were you ever able to solve the crashing and freezing issues with your Powerspec G706? Did LandShark's answers work? I too purchased my G706 in the fall of 2020, which has been running great since then, until about ten days ago. Ever since, whenever I boot it up, almost the entire desktop is frozen. None of the app icons on the taskbar are active, the two browsers won't open, the computer crashes from time to time for no reason, even the basic troubleshooting features don't work. I cannot open the Command Prompt, Device Manager, use the Search field next to the Start button, and even CTRL ALT DELETE is inactive. I often have to reboot the desktop multiple times to get even a basic level of operation, but the computer still freezes up within ten minutes if I manage to open one browser, which is usually the Google browser. By the way, how did you create the CPU and GPU system summary above?

  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    He's using a free program called HWInfo which you can find here: https://www.hwinfo.com/download/

    Your issue first occurs to me as an impending drive failure. Try this:

    1. Boot to login screen, do not login.
    2. Hold "Shift" and click the "Power" icon and then "Restart".
    3. From the recovery environment: Troubleshoot - Advanced Options - Command Prompt
    4. At the command prompt type: chkdsk /r
    5. Press "Enter" and let it run check disk.

    There are a few possibilities here. Worst case scenario, if the drive is about to die, it may never complete. You can go back in and use 'chkdsk /x <drive>' to prevent it from running check disk when it'll never complete. You can also access and save data with a USB Type C to NVME enclosure. Another scenario is it may run correctly and solve your problem. If that's the case, we'll see if the issue resurfaces and go from there.

  • Starmaker

    Mike, I managed to access the command prompt from before login as you instructed. Unfortunately, windows could not run CHKDSK with a /r option. I was able to run CHKDSK without the /R and it did find some problems, but could not fix them. Instead it returned the follow message in brief:

    The file system is NTFS. Cannot lock current drive. Windows cannot run disk check on this volume because it is Write Protected...

    It suggested using CHKDSK /F instead, but that returned the same error message. It did allow me to run SFC /SCANNOW

  • Starmaker

    Mike, I forgot to mention one other thing that may change your mind about what's going on. I'm skeptical that this is a driver issue for one reason, which is, I created a guest user account just for jazz and when it opened, none of the problems I mention above exist. Everything works flawlessly in the guest account, so wouldn't that rule out a device driver or any kind of hardware issue and instead point to a software problem of some sort, or perhaps malware corrupting the main account? Obviously, you are more experienced than I am with such things...

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