Need Help Choosing Parts

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice.  Building a gaming PC with my 16yo and don't want to break the bank.  It's our first build, and we're learning as we go.  We have the CPU and GPU already. With the GPU shortage in our price range, we'll stick with this or try to get a 1650 Super if one comes available.  Curious about the following:
  • Anything you would specifically change?
  • Is the Power Supply overkill?
  • Fans -- are the ones in the case sufficient? Do we need to add or change them out?
  • Anywhere I can save on the budget? (besides the case ... he really likes it)
Thanks for the help!!


  • TS_EmileC
    Hello @kateerenee. For a budget build this is really good! The power supply selected is good but if you plan to do upgrades in the future, I would recommend a 750W to avoid any bumps down the road. Some of the newer GPUs in the market can draw quite a bit of power. Instead of a 500GB SSD, you can swap that for a 256GB Inland drive for half the cost. The case fans are fine. I wouldn't change them unless you have a reason to. If you haven't purchased a windows license key, you can still download Windows via USB and install the OS from Microsoft's website. You can purchase a licensed key once you have all your components that you want. 
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